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LENCO is a specialized powder metallurgy parts manufacturing company.
It’s high-efficiency, high-density, ultra intensity and high-precision has high praise and affirmation in the world.

Established in 1975, Lenco Enterprises Co., Ltd. Is a specialized manufacturer located in Miaoli, Taiwan. Currently, general manager Mr. Liao takes charge of all the business.

With a 5,800 sq. m. factory and a workforce of 50, Lenco produces high-quality powder metallurgy products.


Lenco owns his approximate 40 years metallurgical experience specialized in manufacturing of P/M products is also a leading exporter to low-cost precision parts. It offers a comprehensive range of powder metallurgy parts has its own production line and is also an OEM/ODM manufacturing partner.


Our professional staff with their many years of experience in metallurgy product development,manufacturing, quality assurance and marketing, enables us to provide you with a precision and innovative products and services. Lenco’s manufacturing capability allows the company to stay price competitive.


Our Research and Development Division will help you create the new products to meet your needs. Our on-going product development activities means you have an opportunity to be “first-run precisionl products. Lenco can help you cut your costs for research and development. Exclusive, custom product development can be your for a nominal charge. Lenco also emphasizes short product development lead-time.


Current Research division include isolating active components from manufacturing plants to provide innovative products with maximum potency. Because new product development is our key to the future.


Our Quality Assurance Department uses modern analytical technology to check the potency of each product. Compound formula & material is very important to any product. Lenco uses premier quality active ingredients in our products. So we guarantee its quality. Our dynamite group coupled with QC team workers ensure you with a satisfying services and means you can rely on Lenco to meet the highest standards in manufacturing products.


Our Manufacturing & Services system can fulfill specific need as you required. Our providing category include such field of brass copper steel and stainless metal soft-magnetic wares of electrical/electricity products and so many of the officials textiles autos motorcycles used in commercial and industrial series being supplied by us. Lenco as a leading P/M & MIM manufacturer world wide, all of premixed material being imported via Europe/USA/Japan areas, with all the minute and tiny ingredients being produced under the severe controlling procedure, So we believe Lenco would furnish you the best products and services as possible as we can.


Our Insisting Management & Policy choose modern magacad design system for the complicate & difficult high density products with a view to challenge the upgraded technology for the P/M development. Owing to the worldwide competitive products being offered at the very effective cost to compare with each other, So that we should promote and enhance our productivity and capacity in our production line.


Lenco is committed to giving you the attention and service you deserve and our customer focus-policy means you receive the finest product as quickly as possible without compromising price.


Lenco steadfastly believe ”the voice of the customer is the priority”. Our continual maintaining two-way communication with the customer’s policy is the only target to approach marketplace theory.

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